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August 16, 2011 | Posted in: Blessings Unlimited

The last weeks have taken me several places – Blessings Unlimited National Conference, Summer Jam, in Northwest Arkansas and  MOPS Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, and then always back to our homey home.  I have been blessed to see so many wonderful friends at both events and it is a gift to be able to pick up a relationship over a meal, a conversation or time in prayer.   The Lord has blessed me with so many friends across His land – friends from places I have never even heard of – yet friends who are connected to my heart.  I can not even imagine what heaven is going to be like….

While I was at Summer Jam, Blessings Unlimited released their new Fall Product line (which in case you have not viewed it yet, you can check it out here http://www.myblessingsunlimited.net/sjoseph/Products/Default.aspx .

 One of my favorite blog writers and speakers Holley Gerth introduced a new book titled God’s Heart for You, Embracing Your True Worth of a Woman.  I LOVE, LOVE this new devotional and have already used it in my own personal devotions and with our MOPS Steering Meeting.  Answering the question” In God’s Heart  I Am”…. was an exercise I was challenged to do at Summer Jam and it forced me to reflect on what I believed that God has said about me.

As I pondered this question of “In God’s Heart I am… the answer came and my word was called.   I am CALLED to serve God as a wife, mother, Grammie, daughter, MOPS Mentor, Friend,  Blessings Unlimited Consultant, occasional speaker and writer, and most importantly I am CALLED to be a beloved daughter of my Almighty God.  God calls me to be HIS and I will always belong because of His personal call to me.

Holley does a wonderful job of sharing the message of God’s Heart for You on her blog titled God’s Heart for You – please be sure to read it and then to post your answer  Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/InGodsHeart .

So how will you answer “In God’s Heart I am”…?


Be sure to check out the In God’s Heart Collection, exclusively at Blessings Unlimited – you can view the complete line at http://www.myblessingsunlimited.net/sjoseph/Products/Default.aspx?category=GodsHeart

I am a humble receiver of the saving grace that Christ provided to me through his death and resurrection. My calling is as a wife to Bill, my husband of 34 years, a mother to 3 gifted daughters & 3 fine son-in-laws, and Grammie to my very sweet grandchildren. I love living in our community, spending time with people from all walks of life (I honestly can talk to anyone about anything) , studying and discussing God’s Word and always being with my family. Life and relationships are a gift that I treasure everyday.

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