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Aug 13

August 13, 2016

When you don’t know what to do

There are times in our lives where we simply don’t know what to do.   We seek the answer by what we know to do – for me this means searching scripture, praying, asking others and trusting our “gut feeling” – and still have no clear direction of what to do.  It is a frustrating place to be and when you find yourself in this position, there are no clear answers. When I find myself in the place where I…

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Aug 7

August 7, 2016

Joseph's success

Defining Success – Joseph’s story

We love successful people – we love their passion, their stories of how they never gave up and pushed through many obstacles to achieve their success.  Typically, when we see successful people it is when they have made it; they are wearing the medal or the crown or the title!  We wish that we were as successful as them. A devotion I did a few years back, has been swirling around in my mind again lately.  It is about Joseph,…

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Jul 23

July 23, 2016

When you are afraid

A Sunday Thought: I love sharing God’s word and I was delighted to speak at a Mugs & Muffins Bible Study that is held at a local Pittsburgh Church during the summer.  My study was on fear and The Widow of Zarephath found in 1 King 17:7-16. One of the most common commands of the Bible is to not be afraid—over and over again, the Lord tells His people to not fear because He is with them. God does not want…

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May 1

May 1, 2016

Good Gifts

I love to give and receive gifts. Since becoming a Grammie, I love shopping the clearance racks to find deals on gifts for my grandchildren.  My 3 year old granddaughter knows that I love to shower her (and her brother and cousins) with grammie gifts.   A recent conversation between my granddaughter and her mama went like this… My Daughter:Your 3 year old granddaughter already has you figured out… She was pretending to talk on her phone, then hung it…

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Apr 3

April 3, 2016

God is more interested in growing my faith than my comfort

I want accomplishment, recognition, prosperity, influence, prominence, security, ease, happiness, growth, riches, comfort, pleasure, relaxation… basically anything that will make my life easy, comfortable and happy. God wants to teach me to trust Him, to reflect Him, to bring Him glory – He wants me to move beyond my goals, thoughts and selfishness to grow my faith in HIM. This stretches me, moves me outside of myself and often puts me in uncomfortable places. It seems like a constant tug of…

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Jan 31

January 31, 2016

A Sunday Thought – Looking for Jesus

(In case you are having a hard time reading this – Name – Jesus, Age – 13, Last Seen – Jerusalem, Contact – Joseph Mary.) This crumpled Sunday School paper has been hanging on our refrigerator, a left over from our grandson’s visit at Christmas time.  It is based on Luke 2:41-52, when Jesus had stayed in the temple (at Jerusalem) instead of heading home with his parents. When they realized he was missing, they went back to look for…

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