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May 22

May 22, 2017

For Moms of Graduating Seniors — hold tight and let go

  Last week, I wrote an email to a cherished friend whose first born is about to graduation from high school.  I have found myself sharing these types of words often in the last couple of years (many of the MOPS Moms I mentored now have graduation seniors)…. You have no idea how many times I have thought of you over the past school year as you have posted photos of your senior.  There have been so many times that…

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Mar 30

March 30, 2017

The Legacy Scrapbook My Parents Left

When my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2004, I gave them a gift that was a disappointment.  It came in a large, beautifully wrapped box and contained an empty scrapbook with pretty papers and die-cut numbers of each year of their marriage. They had expected a completed scrapbook of their 50 years together – not an empty book. (I did give them a small scrapbook of greetings from family and friends). My hope in giving them the empty…

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Oct 8

October 8, 2016

Legacy – what we will leave behind

This morning, I told my husband again that I missed my parents.  I miss their presence in my life, the ease of our conversations, the interest they had in me and the fact that they knew me first. Their legacy in my life goes far beyond money, it is rooted on relationships.  Their relationship with each other, with me, my family and most importantly their relationship with our Heavenly Father. I have been pondering the concept of legacy since our…

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Jul 7

July 7, 2016

Who is my real enemy?

In the past weeks, I have found myself dealing with “life stuff.”  Life seems like it is  going along fairly well, then I find that I am overwhelmed with living with a chronic illness, or sad at relationships that need to be healed or longing to be with my parents again. If I am not careful, I can find myself discouraged very quickly. I felt those familiar waves of discouragement come across my mind recently and had to remind myself…

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Mar 26

March 26, 2016

And so we wait

  The Saturday between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday is where I live most of my life — waiting. God truly deems waiting as valuable, or at least He must, because He has me (and most of us) in waiting modes most of our lives. The disciples waited in fear behind locked doors.  I have been there many times – waiting in fear. The disciples had to be bewildered as they waited.  It didn’t make sense, because just a week…

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Mar 1

March 1, 2016

My Grandmothers’ quilts and Psalm 90

Last year, I had several quilt tops from my grandmothers quilted.  These quilts had been pieced together by my paternal and maternal grandmothers and one was most probably worked on my maternal great-grandmother.   The woman who quilted them thought that one was probably from the 1930’s (the one with a variety of patchwork material) and the other one from the 1940’s.  What a breathtaking thought, that the hands that loved and raised my parents made these quilts (most likely…

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Feb 17

February 17, 2016

2016 Word and Scripture = Shepherd

Before there was Facebook app that would pick a verse or word for your year (that was really available on Facebook this year), I would seek a verse to claim for a new year.  This verse is one I revisited throughout a year as challenges and delights came.  The chosen verse would reminded me of how God was using my circumstances to reveal Himself in my life, As 2016 started  and many of you were sharing your “word” or scripture,…

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Feb 9

February 9, 2015

Someplace Safe with Someone Good

For Christmas, my daughter gave me this Jan Karon book about Mitford’s Father Tim.  Reading it was like slipping on a pair of old slippers – a comfortable, cozy time with good friends.  My friends from Mitford, Father Tim, Cynthia, Dooley, and Barnabas the dog easily found their way into my heart once again.  I often tell my husband Bill, that I want to move to Mitford just to be part of that community (and of course, realistic Bill has…

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Jun 3

June 3, 2014

Just Between the Next Thing….

The past 5 years have brought so much change into my life … sweet blessings such as my 3 daughters getting married which added 3 fine son-in-laws in our family of girls, and the addition of 2 wondrously, sweet grandchildren (with the hope of more coming),  and the assurance of being known among a community of friends.  Of course, there have been numerous struggles of adjusting to my daughters’ families living away, leaving a ministry that was my passion for…

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Feb 20

February 20, 2013

Scriptures on our Walls, Floors and Homes….

I have a friend who is building a new home and she went through and wrote a scripture on their sub-floors; these scriptures were picked specifically for the use of the room or  for each person who will use that room.  She took photos of the scriptures on the rough floors and is now framing each of those verses to hang in that room.  Her new home is going to be protected and surrounded by God’s wisdom and truth –…

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