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Feb 21

February 21, 2017

When God changes my plans

After a delightful few days in the sunshine with a dear college friend, I was ready to be home, see familiar sights and sleep in my own bed.  My friend dropped me off to the airport and headed to her home several hours away.  I walked into the airport ready for 2 easy, quick flights to home.  AND THEN my plans changed. My original flight was delayed, but there was still time to make my connection to Pittsburgh.  I sat…

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Oct 17

October 17, 2016

Filling the emptiness we all have

As a Biblical Life Coach, I am blessed to talk to many women. We talk about their many life roles such as wife, mother, daughter, employee, student, grandmother, etc. We work together to define their core values. We discover their gifts, strengths and passions.  Together we vision cast for their future, asking God to give guidance and hope. The one thing I, as a Life Coach, cannot do is to fill the emptiness found in each of us.  I can…

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Sep 26

September 26, 2016

God values the waiting times in our lives

What are you waiting for right now? Most of us are waiting for something to happen or for someone to do something.  Waiting is hard, especially the longer it goes on. God truly values the waiting times in our lives.  Scripture is full of people who had to wait on God… Ruth had to wait even after she had left her county, gleaned in the field, laid at Boaz’s feet and asked Him to take care of her (and her…

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Aug 13

August 13, 2016

When you don’t know what to do

There are times in our lives where we simply don’t know what to do.   We seek the answer by what we know to do – for me this means searching scripture, praying, asking others and trusting our “gut feeling” – and still have no clear direction of what to do.  It is a frustrating place to be and when you find yourself in this position, there are no clear answers. When I find myself in the place where I…

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Jul 23

July 23, 2016

When you are afraid

A Sunday Thought: I love sharing God’s word and I was delighted to speak at a Mugs & Muffins Bible Study that is held at a local Pittsburgh Church during the summer.  My study was on fear and The Widow of Zarephath found in 1 King 17:7-16. One of the most common commands of the Bible is to not be afraid—over and over again, the Lord tells His people to not fear because He is with them. God does not want…

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Apr 3

April 3, 2016

God is more interested in growing my faith than my comfort

I want accomplishment, recognition, prosperity, influence, prominence, security, ease, happiness, growth, riches, comfort, pleasure, relaxation… basically anything that will make my life easy, comfortable and happy. God wants to teach me to trust Him, to reflect Him, to bring Him glory – He wants me to move beyond my goals, thoughts and selfishness to grow my faith in HIM. This stretches me, moves me outside of myself and often puts me in uncomfortable places. It seems like a constant tug of…

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Mar 26

March 26, 2016

And so we wait

  The Saturday between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday is where I live most of my life — waiting. God truly deems waiting as valuable, or at least He must, because He has me (and most of us) in waiting modes most of our lives. The disciples waited in fear behind locked doors.  I have been there many times – waiting in fear. The disciples had to be bewildered as they waited.  It didn’t make sense, because just a week…

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Feb 10

February 10, 2016

Your Husband – he is just a man…

Last week, I spoke at an area MOPS group on the topic of how your husband is just is man.  Every time, I speak on this topic, I can be sure that it is a message that I need hear again (and I did).  I promised the MOPS Moms that I would post it again on my blog and so here it is.  May it be a reminder to all of us, to let God be the one to turn to…

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Feb 9

February 9, 2015

Someplace Safe with Someone Good

For Christmas, my daughter gave me this Jan Karon book about Mitford’s Father Tim.  Reading it was like slipping on a pair of old slippers – a comfortable, cozy time with good friends.  My friends from Mitford, Father Tim, Cynthia, Dooley, and Barnabas the dog easily found their way into my heart once again.  I often tell my husband Bill, that I want to move to Mitford just to be part of that community (and of course, realistic Bill has…

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Jan 13

January 13, 2015

In 2015, may I be reminded that I am Blessed by the Grace of God.

I have been reading with great interest in people’s word/goal/resolutions for the New Year.  In the past, I have been right there with you, picking a scripture for the year and focusing and planning on that given theme (as a matter of fact – my posts on scripture for a new year have been some of my most read blog posts). To be honest with you, I have found myself struggling with a lack of clarity for what I want my year…

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