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Dec 17

December 17, 2016

When Christmas Changes

For years and years our Christmas celebration were the same – the same people, same food, same events and traditions.  As our daughters got married, we made adjustments to continued with our treasured traditions. But our Christmas changed 4 years and so did I. Four years ago, my Mother was dying of cancer during the Christmas season.  Somehow we had Christmas that year, but there was an overcast of sorrow that surround our traditions.  I was anxious to put all…

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Dec 20

December 20, 2010

MOPS, Ministry and Christmas

After 7 weeks, 1 surgery, 3 pins, 4 different splints and frustration, I am using 2 hands to write this post.  My hand is still healing, but I am able to use it more each day.  I am still wearing the splint at night to support the healing bones and tendons, but I am glad to go “free” during the day.  God’s plan of healing is simply amazing and wonderful. The last several weeks have been full of MOPS events –…

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Dec 23

December 23, 2009

A Mentor's Advice for Moms at Christmas Time

Dear Moms, In just a few days the climax of this busy time will be over and for most of you – you will be exhausted and disappointed.  Somehow, no matter how hard you worked, your Christmas celebration will not meet your expectations.  For some  of you, you will be really disappointed with your husband, your children and yourselves. It is easy to believe  the lies the media have fed us.  The commercials  lead us into believing that our Christmas happiness depend…

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