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Mar 30

March 30, 2017

The Legacy Scrapbook My Parents Left

When my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2004, I gave them a gift that was a disappointment.  It came in a large, beautifully wrapped box and contained an empty scrapbook with pretty papers and die-cut numbers of each year of their marriage. They had expected a completed scrapbook of their 50 years together – not an empty book. (I did give them a small scrapbook of greetings from family and friends). My hope in giving them the empty…

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Oct 8

October 8, 2016

Legacy – what we will leave behind

This morning, I told my husband again that I missed my parents.  I miss their presence in my life, the ease of our conversations, the interest they had in me and the fact that they knew me first. Their legacy in my life goes far beyond money, it is rooted on relationships.  Their relationship with each other, with me, my family and most importantly their relationship with our Heavenly Father. I have been pondering the concept of legacy since our…

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Jun 10

June 10, 2011

Planting your Legacy…

Entrance To Boone Hall Plantation  – Avenue of  Oaks On vacation , we visited the Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The entrance into this beautiful property was breathtaking.  It is a nearly one mile drive up to the house with live oaks  on either side, originally planted in 1743 by Captain Thomas Boone. These Live Oaks Trees are over 260 years old.  When Captain Boone planted them, he did so for another generation – not for himself.  While we…

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Apr 12

April 12, 2011

A first – my name on a tombstone

The past few weeks have found me at several funerals.  The first was a precious lady that I was in a Bible study with and the second was a relative.  I took my parents to the relative’s funeral and afterwards we drove through the community cemetery where many of our relatives are buried.  And there it was – my name on a tombstone.  My parents have their headstone set at their plots and on the stone they list that they…

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Jan 6

January 6, 2010

A New Start

Today I had the honor of being published on the Hearts at Home blog and sharing the same message with my terrific MOPS Steering Team.  As always, when God provides a message, it is usually more for me than for those who it is shared with. Starting Over Again At the start of the new year, I like to lead devotions at our MOPS/Moms Meetings with this verse… “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish…

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Aug 9

August 9, 2009

The importance of your written words

“The beauty of the written word is that it can be held close to the heart and read over and over again.”  ~ Florence Littauer~ This past week, Bill and I attended a memorial service for a Godly Man.  My husband had a great respect of this man, he was a residential contractor just as Bill is.  In the past year, Bill has done work for his business and has appreciated the opportunity to help this man’s business.  Last month, he passed away on his…

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Jan 9

January 9, 2009

Starting Over Again

This week, I have had the opportunity to speak as a guest at another local MOPS group and also to lead devotions at our MOPS Steering Meeting.  As the guest speaker, I spoke on The Angry Mother Topic (always a favorite).  At both meetings, I encouraged the Moms with this verse… “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”  Proverbs 14:1 I used this verse to encourage the Moms to start over again this…

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Nov 17

November 17, 2008


Yesterday in church, a man I respect very much was praying (his family is also a good friend of ours).  He ended the prayer time with this statement… “As we leave this world someday, may we leave reminders of our faith…” Of course, this set my mind in action and it made me think of the book Reminders of Faith was privileged to publish called Passing on a Legacy of Love by my very good friend Marci.  When we published…

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