Why Recognize and Remember

God calls His people to remember. Again and again in scripture God tells us to remember what He has done for us: the big moments and the daily reminders that all we have comes from God’s faithful provision.


When we tuck away a memory of God at work in our lives, our focus is not on what we did, but on what God has done in our lives.  We see God at work in our circumstances and how those circumstances fulfill His purposes for us.  Then the next time that life becomes difficult, we have that memory of God’s faithfulness.  Purposely recognizing and remembering God’s faithfulness in the past helps us when the hard times come again (which they always do).

why recognize

God is fulfilling His purposes for us. He is at work in our spectacular moments and in the depth of our struggles to reveal His plan for redemption for us.

why recognize

Recognize God in your moments ~ Remember God’s faithfulness